ingrid_guest_idreamofafrica_perfect-safari-tanzania“I have made two wonderful safaris with Christopher as a guide. We have been to Tarangire, Serengeti, Lake Manyara and Ngorongoro.
It were wonderful experiences for me! I had never been to Africa before. To experience life and nature there really was stunning and overwhelming! I can write so much about how amazing it was to see the wild animals, often very close!!!, in their natural environment, but that would fill a lot of pages here!!
I was especially impressed by the enormous scale of nature, everywhere you can see, only nature, (hardly) no human traces!! Such a difference with life in Holland, with stone and concrete everywhere, and nature at second place. It made me feel humble and small, putting things in a total different perspective for me. Christopher told me, that often travellers at safari, are crying and go through a kind of existential process, realising what they worry about in their daily lives, how they want to change their lives when they go back home!!
Christopher is a guide with enormous knowledge, of course about the wild animals, but also about the different people living there, descending from the Maasai himself. He has a wide interest for all aspects of nature, including plants and eco systems, very interesting to learn so much from him! Everything co-exists in a delicate balance. He is really involved with nature!! Also his English is excellent and he can tell things in a very inspiring manner!!
I can really recommend him as a guide and tour operator! He is very friendly and cooperative, he makes sure your wishes come true, when possible. His preparations and materials are excellent! And his eyes are spectacular!! He can see animals were we can only see bush and grass!! He is patient in showing you were to look. And he knows his way around very well, he knows the best spots of were to find the animals, he has many years of experience, you really can tell!!
I hope to make some more safaris with him, like a walking safari, meeting more of the local people (the Bushmen!!), seeing other beautiful areas of Tanzania!! He said he loves nature, well he taught me how to love Africa, I am afraid I have become addicted!! “
Ingrid Betten, Holland, 2011